How to Save Your Money Using Coupons at Publix

If you live in South Eastern USA, Publix is one grocery store where you can save a good amount of your money. I actually believe that it has one of the best deals at the moment. Except for Florida and Coastal Georgia, all other Publix stores even accept coupons from competitor stores and even double them up with no limit per offer. Their double up policy only applies to coupons that are $ 0.50 or less. The deals usually run from Thursday through to Wednesday.

If you have never used coupons, this may call for a little effort; at least to adjust. It’s actually a simple thing and I can guarantee that you will easily end up saving up to 90% from your grocery shopping.

Know your local store policy

The first thing you need to do is to get informed on your local store’s coupon policy. Publix is a major grocery chain store that operates a good number of stores through the South. In Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and South Carolina, the coupon policy is usually the same. Florida and Coastal Georgia operate on a different policy; and at the moment, they unfortunately have the worse offer.

Stay updated on the latest deals

After getting this information, you need to make sure you never miss out on the best deals. You can do this by making sure you always purchase the Sunday newspaper. I would actually advise you to make a subscription so you never miss out for any reason. Coupons inserts are usually in the middle of the newspaper alongside the weekly adverts. Early Saturday editions may occasionally have coupon inserts but if you stick to the Sunday paper, you will definitely never go wrong. If you get a good offer, you can make multiple purchases of the newspaper or ask your friends and family members for extra coupons that they may not need. Buying many copies of the same newspaper may tear a hole through your wallet, but in the long run, you will save some good money.

Their stores also have a number of coupon booklets, usually printed every third week. They are on the stand right by the entrance of the store. This makes it a lot easier for you to stay updated on their latest offers. Read through the whole booklet to make sure you don’t miss out on their other offers. The next time you visit your local Publix store, be sure to get a copy at their customer service desk.

You can also print out coupons through websites such as There is a maximum number of print outs per computer, so if you have more than one computer, that is an advantage. Since the sites use the IP to determine the maximum number of print-outs, using Wi-Fi may force you to only print their maximum two copies no matter how many devices you have.

Make the most out of it

Publix stores also take part in the penny item promotion. This is usually an item that you can get for only a penny by making a purchase worth $10. It’s only valid for the first day of their sale; either Wednesday or Thursday. Also watch out for their buy-one-get-one offers. They can really save a good amount of your money.

You will need to organize your coupons to avoid getting them mixed up or even lost. You will probably need to plan your shopping for a later time and if you’re not careful enough, your coupons will be nowhere to be seen by then. Most people have their own way of organizing coupons. You can use a file or folder to store your coupons.

Stock up. Whenever you get a good deal, make sure you shop for that specific product to the maximum. Once the offer is off, you will have to buy the same item at its normal higher price, so it is only prudent to stock your supplies.

If you stick to these guidelines, I am very sure you will be able to save a good amount of your money.

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