Green Coffee Weight Loss Scam – Study Was Baloney

Weight loss can be achieved in many ways. Green Coffee is certainly NOT one of them. The green coffee weight loss claim was based on false research data. We now know that Green coffee is a scam.

About two years ago, a study came out showing that people who took green coffee beans for a few weeks lost significant weight without altering their diet. The media spread the news, and dieters took heart. There was hope. And hundreds of diet products started incorporating green coffee in their list of ingredients. Dr Oz supported the weight loss claims of green coffee and many testimonies on youtube and all around the web made us believe that the green coffee weight loss effect was true!

Well, today we now it was all a big baloney. The company that sponsored the research, Applied Food Science, used the bogus study to promote its green coffee weight loss pills. The Federal Trade commission looked at the falsified study and required that the company pays $3.5 million.

Dr Oz, who featured the weight loss pill in his show, apologized saying that he was wrong about the effect of green coffee on weight loss. Of course, Dr Oz had to face Congress for supporting the bogus weight loss pill.


Photo: Mehmet Oz gives his testimony in front of the Senate Commerce Committee in June 2014

Let’s see how the green coffee scam story unfolded two years ago:

With the most recent statistics out about how the American obesity rate will be 42% in the year 2030, people are clamoring to figure out a way to fight this impending epidemic. Already the country’s youth is experiencing high growth rates in obesity and unless something is done about it, these kids are destined to be that 42%. And with every new statistic comes a call to action to find some way to fight obesity and encourage weight loss.

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In an attempt to find new and more effective ways to help people lose weight, scientists are taking what they know about food and food extracts and studying their effects on the human body. In 2011, one particular food was supposedly found to be of great benefit and showed remarkable results for fast and effective weight loss—green coffee beans. Who would have ever thought!

Photo: Unroasted, green coffee beans

This has nothing to do with the caffeine effect on human metabolism which we are most of us familiar with. It’s not even about coffee as we know it. It’s about green coffee beans.

Green coffee is simply coffee that comes from unroasted beans. In 2011, professor of chemistry Dr. Joe Vinson conducted research on the health benefits of green coffee extract and thought that he discovered a relationship between green coffee and weight loss. The experiment was conducted in India, but the research paper was written in the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania.

Dr. Vinson theorized that the chlorogenic acid in the green coffee might reduce the body’s absorption of fat and glucose resulting in a decrease in insulin levels. Sixteen overweight or obese men and women participated in the study. For those who took the extract as opposed to the placebo the dosages alternated between low (700 mg) and high (1050 mg). The end result was a loss of nearly 10% of their bodyweight (an average of seventeen pounds) and 16% of their body fat over a twenty-two week period.

Here is what made the alleged weight loss effects of green coffee more interesting: The participants did not change their eating or exercise habits throughout the study nor did they report any gastrointestinal discomfort or other side effects. Or at least, this what Dr Vinson thought. Investigations revealed that the participants did participate in a diet and they also exercised!

Unaware of the true conditions of the experiment, Dr. Vinson tried to interpret the data and he pointed out that the chlorogenic acid that is found in unroasted coffee beans was the reason for this extraordinary weight loss. When coffee beans are roasted, the acid breaks down rendering it nearly ineffective as a significant stimulator for losing weight. When coffee beans are not roasted, they have virtually no aroma and quite a bit of a bitter taste unlike the commonly consumed roasted coffee beans that most people consume.

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Why Did this Finding Appear so Important?

Many of the current prescription weight loss drugs (i.e Orlistat) cause gastrointestinal discomfort for users. Two of those drugs are no longer available due to cardiac problems that resulted from using them. Green coffee, however, has been shown to have no side effects and is not toxic. After all, coffee itself is a frequently consumed beverage. Green coffee is just the beans in their natural state. Most experts will tell you that any food that is ingested in its natural state, free of any additives, processing or altering, will always provide the greatest health benefit.

If you want to try the (bogus) effect of green coffee you can buy the beans from a local store and grind them in a grinder. Better take it half an hour before meals. A word of caution: it is bitter. You will have to swallow it with some water. Watch Dr Vinson’s report in the National Meeting and Exposition of the American Chemical Society in San Diego to learn more.

If consuming caffeine is an issue for you, Dr. Vinson was quick to point out that the amount of green coffee beans that you need to ingest to see weight loss is low. If we speak in terms of caffeine content, it’s the same as the amount contained in a half a cup of coffee.

But all this information is totally useless!

Now we know that green coffee does not have any proven weight loss properties. All this green coffee diet industry was based on falsified data. The paper has been retracted.

For people who have tried diet and exercise and have found it difficult to lose weight or for anyone who is limited in what they can do physically because they are profoundly overweight, don’t expect that green coffee will do anything to help you lose weight. The research paper about green coffee has been retracted by its authors because they validity of the day is questionable.

You want to lose weight? Following a low carb diet (ie Atkins), joining a weight watchers group (ie Weight Watchers) or getting meals delivered at home (i.e BistroMD), are a few common ways to fighting the battle of excess weight.