About EarlyTheatre

Hello All,

I am Michele. What a wonderful place this world of Internet is. Perhaps both of us live on different sides of the globe and may have never met. But see, here we are, with you reading all about me!

I live in beautiful Enderby, British Columbia, with my husband and our two lovely kids. I met my husband in college and soon realized that we had the same dreams. We also realized that it would be so much easier to achieve these dreams in case we pursued them together, and this is exactly what we did! It was a difficult life in the beginning but soon everything fell into place. Now we are comfortable and I daresay, happy enough!

We also realized that most of us have common thoughts, dreams and inspirations. But somehow, our upbringing changes our mindsets. In EarlyTheatre.ca, I bring to you all the latest news events that I think will interest you, just as they interest me. I would also be putting my views and ideas on this blog. I look forward to your comments on the same. After all, we are learning all the time and what can be better that learning from each other? It is only when we look at the various perspectives that the true picture emerges.

I have not had an easy life. And nor have you, most probably. So I would like to share my experiences and look forward to listening to you too. I am there on the social media and look forward to connecting with you there too. You can check out my Twitter and Facebook profiles.

What I bring to you is news from all around the world. It may or may not interest you, but I can assure you that it will surely impact you. So keep yourself updated by visiting my site as much as you can, and whenever you can!

Michele G. Reedy